virtual pets and adoptables shelter

Welcome to the Shelter. Here, you can adopt your first Virutal pet and adoptables. Feel free to browse through our virtual pets and adoptables and pick out a few that you want to adopt and care for. Remember. you only have 24 hours in order to pick a pet to adopt, so be sure to adopt your virtual pets before your time runs out.

ATTENTION: Please do not adopt a pet only to sell in the marketplace. Anyone found doing this will have their account temporarily suspended.

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Image Type Rarity Species Adopt
African Leopard Common Leopard
Black and Tan Coonhound Common Dog
Border Collie Common Dog
Brown Blaze Horse Common Horse
Canadian Lynx Common Lynx
Common Raccoon Common Raccoon
Gray Wolf Common Wolf
Great Dane Common Dog
Leopard Gecko Common Leopard Gecko
Light Brown Bunny Common Rabbit
Mountain Lion Common Mountain Lion
Normal Pug Common Dog
Raccoon Dog Common Raccoon Dog
Red Fox Common Fox
Rough Collie Common Dog
Tan Dachshund Common Dog
Toyger Cat Common Cat
White Persian Common Cat