MWCA Adoptables and Virtual Pets Quick Start Guide

The following are Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to scan them over, or search this page with CTRL and F to find what you are looking for.

I just registered, what do I do now?

The first thing you need to do is head over to the Shelter and adopt your first five pets. You only have 24 hours to adopt your first five pets, so I suggest you do that first. Then, you can begin the fun stuff, like naming, describing, and giving a gender to your first pets!

How do my pets grow?

They grow when other people click on them. Put your pets in your signature on the forum and visit the Click thread board. Also, put your pets in every forum you are active on to help earn them even more clicks. Post them wherever you can (except for the shoutbox, that is against the rules). Another great way to quickly earn clicks for your pets is to put them on MWC's Click Exchange (more is explained further on in this Quick Guide).

Okay. What's a BBCode?

BBCode is the code you need to copy and paste for your pets in order to post them on forums. There's a nifty box at the bottom of your Home where you can copy and paste all of your pets' BBCode at once! Just go insert this code into a post on a forum, post, and your pets are listed in your post!

The Shelter says I adopted my limit, but it hasn't been 24 hours / I don't have all 5 pets!

If you've already adopted 5 pets from the Shelter, you can't adopt any more. The same goes for if you've joined more than 24 hours ago; you won't be able to adopt any pets from the Shelter after the 24 hour period is up. Make sure to get your first pets straight away after joining!

What is a Scout, Warrior, or Hunter?

Those are the three different types of ranks you can give your pets. Scouts are sent on patrol as soon as they reach level three. Currently, Warriors and Hunters do nothing at the moment, but will play a big part in the game later on. For now, the pets you don't want to send on patrol can be listed as Warriors and Hunters.

How do I level up my pets quickly?

Your pet needs clicks in order to level up, as stated before. To help, you can:

  1. Place your pets on click threads on other forums by using the bbcode, which you will find in "My Home" at the bottom of the page.
  2. The easiest way to level up your pet is to put your pets up on MWC's click exchange, where you can gain clicks rapidly.
  3. Another great way to level up your pet is to join the MWC forums and pay for petsitting, in which the pet sitter will help you level up your pets.
  4. Purchase a level up from the item shop.
  5. Purchase a level three pet from the Marketplace.

Once your pets are leveled up, you can take them on patrol and breed them.

How do I use MWC's Click Exchange / how does it work?

You've probably seen the amount of "MWC Credits" you have underneath your amount of Prey Points. You earn these credits in the Click Exchange by clicking other's pets. However, you lose credits when your pets are clicked. You can add or remove your pets to and from the Click Exchange at your Home. You can also purchase MWC Credits with Prey Points under your Home Options!

How do I turn off the email notifications so I do not get emails whenever I am pmed?

To turn off the email notifications, all you have to do is visit your PM center and click the link to turn off email notifications.

How do I turn off my profile comments?

To turn off your profile comments, visit your account settings and turn off profile comments.

How many clicks does it take for my pet to get to level 3 (able to breed/go on patrol)?

Most pets need 500 clicks to get to level 3, depending on the type of pet it is. Click the (stats) link beside your pet on your "My Home" page and it will tell you how many clicks it needs for the next level. This is a very nifty and helpful tool. Along with this, on the stats page, you will also see the members or guests that clicked your pet last! Feel free to return the favor and click some of the owner's pets as well as a thank you.

Why do my pets need immunizations? Where do I go to get my pets immunized?

Take a visit to the Vet to get your pets immunized! Just click on "My pet needs immunizations" to be directed to a page which will display all of your pets which need immunizations. You'll be charged a small fee of 50 Prey Points per immunization, but trust me, it's worth it! Without immunizations, your pets can fall fatally ill.

How do I gain Prey Points?

There are many ways to gain Prey Points. Here are the many different ways to earn Prey Points:

  1. The easiest way to get Prey Points is by buying a Prey Point Package. We offer many different levels of Prey Point Packages. With a Prey Point package, you get Prey Points and you also help keep MWCA online!
  2. You can click on others Pets and hope to get lucky. Every once in a while you will gain a ton of Prey Points by clicking on other members pets. Join the forums so you can click on others pets in the click threads.
  3. You can collect your daily Prey Check. You can get your daily Prey Check in "My Home". Your Prey Check is based on your current territory level - the better your territory, the bigger your check.
  4. You can enter our daily lottery, which you will find in "My Home".
  5. You can sell your pets in the Marketplace.
  6. You can trade your pets for Prey Points.
  7. Save up your Prey Points and upgrade your territory.

How do I edit the "My Home" description?

On your "My Home" page, look to the right of any of your creatures and click on the link beside it. It will lead you to the page where you can edit your pet's options, along with your home description. You can also easily edit your home's description by clicking the link under your Home Options.

What's the Marketplace all about / how do I put a pet up for sale?

The Marketplace is where you can sell and purchase pets. To put a pet up on the Marketplace, go to your Home, and then click on the "Sell / Update" link to the right of your pet. Before, though, you should use the nifty Marketplace filter tool and look at pets similar to your's to determine the price. Immunizations and injury are big components of trying to sell your pets. Make sure they are immunized and not injured before trying to sell them, or their value will go down! Also remember that the higher the level, the more your pet is worth.

Oh no! I don't know how to remove my pet from the Marketplace!

Easy! Just like you added it. Click on the same "Sell / Update" link and click on the button at the bottom to remove your pet from the Marketplace. Your pet will no longer be listed on the Marketplace, and he's all your's again!

I'm trying to list my creature on the market (or trade it), but I'm getting an error.

Check to see if it's already in trade. If it is, you can't list it on the Marketplace or try to trade it with a different member at the same time. First, remove it from the trade and then you'll be able to.

I see a pet on the Marketplace that's priced too high!

If you see creatures that are priced far above what you think it should be, feel free to flag them for removal by clicking the symbol, but please be sure you're clicking it for a good reason. Do not click it if you want it but can't afford it, do not click it because you think the seller is being greedy, do not click it because you don't like the person selling it. Only click it if you see something seriously and ridiculously overpriced.

What's health and happiness?

Health and happiness are both meters displaying exactly that - your pet's health and happiness levels. To see your pet's health and happiness levels, either go your Home and look at the bottom of each individual pet's box for both health and happiness statistics, or click on them, where you can see the meters at the bottom of the page.

Will my pets die if their health or happiness reaches zero?

No, not unless you send unhealthy or unhappy pets on patrol (make sure they aren't ranked as Scouts, or else they'll be sent on patrol). The health and happiness meters are also very important in breeding; the healthier and happier your pet is, the higher chance of success and more offspring!

I tried to send my (sister/brother/bff) some prey points, and the site said we would be banned! Am I going to be banned?!

Probably not, as long as you don't continue trying to trade. Since you both have logged in from the same connection, you'll never be able to trade between your accounts. This is to prevent players from creating multiple accounts.

One of my pets passed away! Is there any way to get him back?

Yep, there is! For the sum of 10,000 Prey Points, you can get a chance to revive your old pal back from the Graveyard. If you wish to see your own Graveyard, just head over to your Home and under "Home Options", you'll find "My Graveyard!". Just click there to see your pets that have moved on to the Graveyard.

Why is it so expensive to raise a creature from the Graveyard?

The graveyard is not supposed to be cheap. It is not easy to raise something from the dead, in fact it's impossible in real life. The best way to avoid having to pay the expensive rates of trying to raise your animal from the dead, and to prevent anyone else from getting that creature, is to not risk anything you would miss! Don't make your favorite pets ranked as Scouts and send them on patrol, and make sure you immunize your pets. That way, you never have to pay to get it back from the Graveyard, and no one else can take it away from you.

How can I go on Patrol?

If you don't have a level three pet to take on Patrol, you can always join the forums and check out the charities and organization forums. There are organizations which will loan you a pet to Patrol with. In order to go on Patrol, you need to have the following:

  1. A level three Pet.
  2. A pet ranked as a Scout. You can change the rank of your pets by clicking on the "My Home" link, select the Manage link next to the pet you want to change the rank, and then click on the Pet Control Panel.
  3. Your pet must not be currently breeding.

When does the Pet Shop / Item Shop / Real Estate Office restock?

The Shops usually restock when stocks have reached 0 or low stock. If you see an item, pet, or territory with 0 stock, then it might not be restocked, or we have decided to wait a bit before restocking them. Just keep an eye out! The item, pet, or territory might disappear, but something new might show up!

I can only adopt 5 pets from the Shelter, EVER?!

Yep! 5 pets are plenty to get you started! You have plenty of other ways of gaining more pets, such as the Shop, Marketplace, Graveyard, trading system, patrolling your territory, and even donating! You can also get more pets by breeding the 5 pets you got from the Shelter after they have reached level 3!

If someone wants to leave and give me their account, can I do that? Can I log into my friend's account and (do patrols/breed/get their prey check) while they're gone on vacation (or gone forever)?

No. It is against the rules to have multiple accounts no matter who first opened them. If one of your friends decides to quit and wants you to take care of their pets, have them send everything to you in trade before they abandon their account. DO NOT ever log in to their account because that will block trading between your accounts forever and, even worse, could get all associated accounts (including your main account) deleted completely. If you are "sitting" someone's pets while they're away, all you need are the codes to post their pets around to keep them fed. You do not collect their prey check, you do not do patrols for them, you do not need their account for any reason. If you do log into their account, your accounts will be prevented from ever trading between each other forever and both accounts could be deleted. This can not be reversed!

How do I join the Forum?

In order to take part in the all the added forum fun, all you have to do is register on the forums. Click here to register! When you join the forum, you'll also get the added benefits, such as being able to create your own Breeding Shop, join in and get help from charities, make some new friends, make your own gallery or journal, participate in special MWCA events, and much, much more!

I can't log out!

IE 8 has a feature called "Preserve Favorites Website Data" which seems to prevent anyone from deleting cookies and related data from their favorite websites. You can change this setting by clicking on the tools tab in IE and then selecting "Internet Options". You will see browsing history under the general tab. Click on delete and the top option will be "Preserver Favorites Website Data" Uncheck that and your problems will be solved.

I found a bug! Where do I report it?

You can report bugs to the administrator, Emma, or join the forums and post in the Bug Reports board. Make sure to include all and any details specific about the bug!