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Name:  Talonpaw
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Toyger Cat
Total Clicks:  501
Rarity:  Common
Date of Birth:  1270764304
Original Owner:   courtney7462
Description:  A young she-cat with large paws and a striped pelt.
Home Description:  Stormclan lives in a desolate place but they make the best of it. The territory they now occupy was the only area that had any protection from the elements and nearby two-legs. The clan consists of young cats that were left for dead and would have been rouges (or worse) if they had not found each other. They is no true leader of Stormclan, but the job as leader is shared between Moonbeam, Sphinxheart and Solepelt. They hope one day to become as strong as the cats who live by the lake. NEWS: Stormclan has finally moved to a new territory and is settleing in well; Rosekit has become an aprentice: Rosepaw!! PLEASE READ ON:Thanks for reading my clan's profile!
Injury Status:  Not Injured
Immunized?:  Yes

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