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Name:  coonheart
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Black and Tan Coonhound
Total Clicks:  404
Rarity:  Common
Date of Birth:  1270765612
Original Owner:   courtney7462
Description:  i can smell a rival clan twenty miles away and i love to hunt rabbits! they are my favorite food
Home Description:  This is the home of the thunderclan. currently a small clan of twenty one. but i wish to expand. i am looking for any level three animals or level 2. i am willing to trade my animals. i would like to upgrade soon. and if anybody could click my pets that would help tremendously! NOTE:I WILL ANSWER TO ANY TRADE MADE TO ME!also i need to breed my pets once i get enough prey points. if you could help me out with that would make them be able to breed faster. i will breed with anybody as long as i get a farly good amount of prey points. right now i am open to any trades made to me. my clan name: thunderclan leader: rainbowpelt it would also help if you could click swiftclaw to level her up faster! PLEASE! RAISE MY PETS FROM THE DEAD! any trades sent to me that i dont agree to or you at least give me a notice you are sending will result in being banned from my pm and trading lists for one day but if it happens again the day will increase drasticaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or until the end of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Injury Status:  Not Injured
Immunized?:  Yes

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