Terms of Service, Privacy, and Rules

These are the terms of service. Please be sure to read and agree to them before proceeding.


  1. Only one account per user.
  2. No sharing of personal information, ever. Anyone caught sharing personal info will be banned.
  3. No trading or selling to siblings who reside in the same home. This will cause your account to be flagged as double accounts.
  4. Absolutely no foul language or adult content allowed. This is a child friendly site, and we take this seriously.
  5. Do not modify the graphics in any way or redistribute the adoptables or the images and graphics. Please do not remove the link back to MWCA (http://www.mywarriorcats.com/adoptables or any link back to the My Warrior Cats website). If you are found doing this, you will have your account removed.
  6. Do not make your username, or name your adoptables' names, obscene or inappropriate. This includes sexual content or cuss words, or anything along these lines. If you are found doing this, your pets and your account will be removed immediately.
  7. Besides using the adoptables on your website, signatures, or anything else you can think of, do not take any other content from this site without permission from Emma, the administrator of My Warrior Cats. This includes text, images, banners, or anything else.
  8. Your email will be used to send out site related information on occasion, but we try to keep our e-mails to members limited.
  9. No selling of pets or Prey Points for real money.
  10. All images on this site are copyright of MyWarriorCats.com and protected by international copyright laws. Do not use these images in any way without expressed permission from the owner of MyWarriorCats.com.
  11. You only have 24 hours to adopt your pets after joining, so be sure to adopt right away.