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Warrior Cats Cat Rankings

Kit: Kits are the youngest of the Clan. Until they become six moons (six months), they are stuck in the nursery with their mothers, eagerly awaiting the day they become an apprentice. They can either become a warrior or a medicine cat based on their interests, although most become warriors.

Apprentice: An apprentice is a young cat training to be a warrior. They are usually trained by an experienced warrior. Their mentor teaches them to hunt, fight, and protect their Clan, and teaches them the Warrior Code. The Warrior Code is a list of rules each and every cat must follow. Apprentice’s names end in ‘paw, such as Leafpaw, Hollypaw, and Poppypaw.

Warrior: Warriors protect, feed, and defend the Clan. Some warriors can become mentors and train younger cats, called apprentices, to become a warrior. Warriors names can end in various names, such as Fireheart, Sandstorm, Ashfur, and Brambleclaw.

Senior Warrior: These warriors are older than most, and are close to joining the Elder’s den.

Elder: Once a warrior becomes too old to continue fighting and protecting their Clan, they have the option of becoming an elder. Elders usually tell kits stories, and are frequently groomed and checked for ticks by warrior apprentices.

Queen: Queens are she-cats that are expecting or nursing kits. If a female warrior is expecting kits, they join the queens in the Nursery.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: The Medicine Cat apprentice is trained to become a Medicine Cat. A Medicine Cat doesn’t necessarily have to die for the apprentice to become a full Medicine Cat; usually, they finish their training before their mentors join StarClan.

Medicine Cat: The Medicine Cat is the closest cat to StarClan, the Clan’s warrior ancestors. They can predict prophecies by reading signs. They also heal cats, and know herbs and berries most helpful for healing their Clanmates.

Deputy: The Deputy of the Clan organizes patrols and keeps the Clan in order. They have regular warrior names. If the Clan leader dies, they will take over and become the new leader of the Clan.

Clan Leader: The Clan Leader rules the Clan and decides what they’ll do. All Clan Leader’s names end in ‘star, like Firestar, Bluestar, and Blackstar.

Other Rankings

Kittypets: Kittypets, or “Twoleg pets,” are looked down upon. They eat gross “rabbit pellets,” as the Clan cats call them, and live with Twolegs. Most Clan cats would never stoop this low, for it is against the Warrior Code, and everything they have ever lived by.

Rogues: Rouges are cats outside the Clans that defend their own territory. Most don’t have warriors names, and have names similar to Kittypets'.

Loners: Loners are the same as rogues, although they don’t claim their own territory.